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VChat CU-Seeme Client for MacOS X - Download

VChat can be downloaded by clicking the following links

vchat-1.1a18.dmgIntel - MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
vchat-1.1a12.1-ppc.dmgPPC Only - MacOS X 10.2.8 and later

You can download translated localizations of VChat from the links on the Language page.

This software uses code of libav. Software license details are at Libav License and Legal Considerations.

Revision History

1.1a18 - Released 18 October, 2014

  • Recompiled with Xcode 6
  • New chat translation engine.

Earlier Versions

1.1a17 - Released 29 August, 2014

  • Recompiled with Xcode 5.1.1
  • Replace ffmpeg with libav

1.1a16 - Released 26 July, 2011

  • Fixed problem saving the reflectors list

1.1a15 - Released 25 July, 2011

  • Rebuilt on Lion (OS X 10.7)

Older releases of VChat can be found in the archives.

1.1a14 - Released 15 May, 2011

  • Updated libavcode to current git version (from ffmpeg.org)
  • Added a VChat entry (optional) to the System Status Menu
  • Initiate System Preference Panes from within VChat for Network and Audio Settings
  • Added VChat MOTD for announcements etc
  • Renamed G729 helper programs (now g729encode, g729decode)

1.1a13 - Released 1 December, 2010

  • Corrected for expired domain cu-seeme.org

1.1a12 - Released 14 August, 2010

  • Update to Growl 1.2.1
  • Update to ffmpeg-0.5.1
  • Fix spinlock code on PPC
  • Fix RTT display
  • Rebuild on Snow Leopard

1.1a11 - Released 9 August, 2009

  • Rewrite the packet and task schedulers.
  • Growl update.
  • libavcodec update. Now linked as a shared library.

1.1a10 - Released 1 September, 2008

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added support for Growl notification support (universal binary version only).

1.1a9 - Released 9 March, 2007
This maintenance release adds no new features but corrects several problems.

  • PPC-Only version can display (but not send) H264 encoded video.
  • libavcodec updated to current svn version.
  • Corrected bug in spelling checker interface on PPC version.
  • Implemented new thread locking strategy.
  • Use POSIX threads for scheduling periodic tasks.
  • New implementation of a Token Bucket bandwidth scheduler to give better network utilisation at high speed reflectors.

1.1a8 - Released 21 December, 2006

  • Reverted the Universal Binary to using the Standard Compression API for MJPEG because of problems with incorrect display of video by White Pine CU-SeeMe clients. This change does not affect the PPC only version.

1.1a7 - Released 18 December, 2006

  • It is no longer necessary to hold the cmd (Apple) key when clicking urls in the chat window.
  • VChat can now use the Apple H264 codec.

H264 Usage Note
H264 is very efficient in terms of bandwidth usage, and will give vastly improved results in both frame-rate and image quality when compared to MJPG or H263.

This codec uses a significant amount of CPU when the picture size and quality are set to anything better than their default of Normal.

If you choose to use this codec, users with VChat 1.1a6 (or earlier) will not be able to see your video. Windows users will not be able to view your video either.

1.1a6 - Released 30 July, 2006
Fixed crash when starting with no camera attached.
Fixed main screen Brightness control.

1.1a5 - Released 30 May, 2006
Added Close My Video. Not available with all reflectors and clients.
Added Typing Indicator. Not available with all reflectors and clients.
Problem with the conference menu at some refs. Fixed.

1.1a4 - Released 11 May, 2006
PPC only version was crashing when viewing video. Fixed.
Lock contention while downloading setup information. Fixed.
Endian problem with MOTD. Fixed.
Error setting Font attributes in Participants window. Fixed.
Backed out change in 1.1a3 that was causing random connection failures.

1.1a3 - Released 7 May, 2006
Fixed problem with setting fonts.
Fixed problem with Bluetooth audio headsets.
Audio device lists now sorted alphabetically
Most recently used Audio Device saved in preferences.
Changed drawing mode for Video Text Banner to make text more readable.

1.1a2 - Released 21 April, 2006
PPC only version for OSX 10.2.8 or later.
Advertising banner added to chat window.
Advertising banner cycle time lowered.
Window positioning bug fixed for low resolution displays.

1.1a1 - Released 13 April, 2006
Universal Binary for MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger).
Replaced WASTE text engine with MLTE.
Corrected endian problems.
Tracked down several memory leaks.
Many other small fixes.
Moved web site to http://vchat.cu-seeme.org/

1.0a67 - Released 16 December, 2005
BUG FIX - Changed default MTU back to 550 bytes.
BUG FIX - Fixed problems with Import command.

1.0a66 - Released 30 November, 2005
Fixed problem receiving error messages from Eref reflectors.
Fixed problem with initiating Direct Connect to another user.
Improved video rendering performance
Check the configuration file has been successfully loaded from the VChat homepage web-site. Disconnect session after 1 minute if the file cannot be loaded. A message is logged in the chat log and in the chat window if this happens.
Move many of the preferences settings to the file ~/Library/Preferences/org.cu-seeme.vchat.plist .
Rearranged layout of the Preferences dialog
Added option to change the Maximum UDP frame size. Now defaults to 1500 bytes.
Updated libavcodec to the latest CVS version.

1.0a65 - Released 27 October, 2005
Extended expiration date.

1.0a64 - Released 27 September, 2005
Fixed problem with Emoticon selector window being partially offscreen.
Delayed loading Flags and Emoticons until they are first required.
Updated libavcodec from CVS.

1.0a63 - Released 3 September, 2005
Corrected initialisation problem introduced in previous release.

1.0a62 - Released 1 Sept, 2005
Added a 'Show MOTD' command to re-display the reflector startup message.
Poll external web server to discover true client IP address for NAT connections.
Added graphical emoticons (smileys) to the Chat window.
Fixed a bug where audio would not start if enabled after a connection had been established.
Added a warning if Video Quality setting is too high for the transmission rate.
Changed labels on Video Quality menu to more realistic descriptions.

1.0a61 - Released 4 August, 2005
Corrected problem for people with NAT connections connecting to Eref reflectors.
Added interfaces to BabelFish for translation of sent and received chat.

1.0a60 - Released 25 July, 2005
Added 'Zoom' to the video camera interface. The camera image can be zoomed/panned/tilted from the 'Camera Zoom' window. This window is made visible by selecting the 'Zoom' item in the 'Video' menu.
Fixed more 'endian' problems.

1.0a59 - Released 26 June, 2005
Fixed error that was causing some people problems on Tiger.

1.0a58 - Released 24 June, 2005
Updated libavcodec to current version from CVS
Fixed some obvious 'endianess' issues - many remain !! 12 months is a long time.
Changed expiration date

1.0a57 - Released 26 May, 2005
Updated for Tiger. There is still an outstanding issue with Dual G5 machines on Tiger that prevents VChat from running. Hopefully resolution will be available soon.
Fixed a bug where VChat would hang on connecting to a reflector if DNS is flaky or unavailable.

1.0a56 - Released 26 April, 2005
Added a button to hide/show setup details on the main screen.
Added support for all available Quicktime video compression codecs.
Increased captured video size for Quality settings of Normal and higher.
Added Picture-in-vid option to enable user to overlay an image on their live video.
Added menus for selecting Audio in/out devices
Updated MJPEG codec (ffmpeg/libavcodec).

1.0a55 - Released 28 March, 2005
New expiration date.
Updated MJPEG codec (ffmpeg/libavcodec).

1.0a54 - Released 27 February, 2005
New expiration date.

1.0a53 - Released 26 January, 2005
Updated MJPEG codec.

1.0a52 - Released 28 December, 2004
Fixed crash when selecting camera if no camera is attached.
Added a default reflector as a help to new users.

1.0a51 - Released 27 November, 2004
Reset cam driver when a 'hung' video is detected.

1.0a50 - Released 27 October, 2004
Added display of empty messages to chat window.
Preserve aspect ratio of transmitted still pictures.
User selectable background colour for still pics.
Automatically create a 'localhost' ref for self-testing if one is not already present.
Added a Help menu.

1.0a49 - Released 27 September, 2004
Added MOTD timeout preference.
Remember state of Audio window when VChat quits.
Cleaned up the transmission rate control algorithm.
Fixed acknowledgements of private messages.

1.0a48 - Released 29 August, 2004
Change to expiration date.

1.0a47 - Released 26 July, 2004
Connection to reflectors with no conference menu was unreliable and has been fixed.

1.0a46 - Released 29 June, 2004
Fixed problem with not fully dis-abling RTP when the 'Use RTP flag' is unchecked.
Changed default interface binding.
Improved performance for RTP video streams.
Dyed hair to remove new gray streaks.

1.0a45 - Released 21 June, 2004
Added missing country flags for Turkey and Italy.
Added an interface to Macintosh Speech Synthesis to read chat out loud with a choice of voice for each participant.
Changed the default window positioning to prevent windows from obscuring each other.
Added RTP transport for use at MPCS reflectors - note you may now need to open UDP port 24032 for incoming traffic on your firewall/router.
Added Preferences option to enable/disable RTP

1.0a44 - Released 27 May, 2004
Added a database of National, Canadian and US State flags for a 'watermark' on live video.
Ported development platform from CodeWarrior to XCode/GCC.

1.0a43 - Released 23 April, 2004
Added a link to the system SpellChecker for chat input.
Added a control to adjust colours of received video.
Added advertising banners. This is a trial only and may be removed in the future.
Ensure windows are still visible if display(s) configuration changes.
Added URL hi-liting to chat window
Allow user to select a different application for viewing chat log files

1.0a42 - Released 29 March, 2004
Added logging of chat sessions.
Fixed minor problem where keyboard focus was lost in the Reflectors window on disconnect.

1.0a41 - Released 13 March, 2004
Fixed 'vanishing user' problem experienced on Eref Reflectors.
Added a watermark to still pictures.

1.0a40 - Released 9 March, 2004
At the request of a number of reflector operators VChat now requires:

  • A non-blank user name.
  • Something other than 'Nick Name' for the user name.
  • If you do not have a cam and are unable to send live video, you must transmit a still image, other than the VChat logo, to be able to receive video from other participants in a conference.
  • 1.0a39 - Released 28 February, 2004
    Limited the requesting of old chat messages from other participants in a conference.
    Added 2 second pause on quitting VChat while still connected to a reflector.
    Removed 'apple' characters from user names in Japanese localization.

    1.0a38 - Released 22 February, 2004
    Fixed problem with VChat crashing on startup when camera is not connected.

    1.0a37 - Released 21 February, 2004
    More font size adjustments for the Japanese Localization.
    Added a brightness control for web cam video.
    Added Ignore option to reception of incoming calls.
    Added automatic dismissal of messages from a reflector.
    Added control to reset the video source and the video compression codec to their default settings.

    1.0a36 - Released 14 February, 2004
    Added warning when audio bandwidth exceeds the link capacity.
    Fixed minor formatting problem for Japanese Localization.

    1.0a35 - Released 11 February, 2004
    Installed work-around for the problem that caused repeated crashes in version 1.0a34
    Added 'Push-to-talk' option to the microphone control.
    Improved G723 audio Codec performance.
    Added transmission of image files (JPG, GIF etc) as an alternative to live video.
    Improved buffering of audio.
    Dynamic adjustment of cell sizes in the Participants Window to allow for larger fonts.
    Yet another attempt to solve the 'crash on disconnect from a busy ref' problem.
    Fixed hang on application Quit problem.

    1.0a34 - Withdrawn

    1.0a33 - Released 28 January, 2004
    Improved video transmission
    Removal of black sidebars from iSight video
    Added automatic version checking to determine if a more recent version of VChat is available
    Preliminary implementation of Audio with support for G711 and G723 codecs - be warned - this is still a little buggy and has not been tested on a wide range of systems.

    1.0a32 - Released 1 January, 2004
    Added automatic chat filter.
    Fixed new bug on connection failure to full ref
    Fixed bug with Video Settings
    New layout in Preferences window

    1.0a31 - Not Released

    1.0a30 - Released 30 December, 2003
    Fixed crash on connection failure to full ref
    New Reflector window layout
    Minor glitches with support for Japanese translation